The devtools library is required for installation:


Quick start

# initialize new project from console

# build the website

NOTE: after restarting RStudio, you can make a vertical project by choosing File > New Project… in RStudio, and choosing the Vertical Research Project template.

Read the getting started tutorial to learn more about using vertical. And, watch vertical tutorials on youtube, still in progress adding more as we find time.

What is vertical?

vertical is a workflow for creating, curating, and communicating research assets in psychological science in the form of a website and/or R package. It is effectively a wrapper for suggesting R Markdown templates for creating various psych research assets, and suggesting the R Package standard to curate the assets. vertical installs an RStudio project template with the vertical workflow structure, and compiles content in a vertical project to an R package and pkgdown website for sharing the assets.

vertical workflow

vertical project structure

vertical website (via pkgdown)