R, RStudio, & Github

Before we meet for our first class there are few things you should try at home to get started.

0.6 Install R and R Studio

  1. Download and install R on your computer. This is the R website https://www.r-project.org
  2. Download and install R-studio. You must download and install R first before installing R-studio. The R-studio website is https://www.rstudio.com

0.7 Github.com and Github Desktop

  1. Create a free github account. The github website is https://github.com
  2. Download and install github desktop https://desktop.github.com

0.8 Test the pipeline

This semester students will be submitting their work as github repositories. Follow these steps to test the github pipeline to make sure it is working:

  1. Create a new R project (initialize with git)
  2. Create a new R Markdown document
  3. Publish the R project folder on Github.com
  4. Make commits and demonstrate that your local changes are reflected on github.com

0.9 Why are we using R for this statistics lab?

A quick attempt to explain why I think it is totally worth it to learn R for data-analysis, and for psychologists in general.

0.10 RStudio run through

A look through some of the features of RStudio.