Textbooks and Other Resources

This is not (yet…maybe one day who knows) a complete statistics textbook for statistics or R. It is a series of weekly exercises that could be used as labs in statistics courses for psychology students. They are aimed at initiating novice students into learning a programming environment for statistics like R, but also at using R as a teaching tool to aid conceptual understanding of statistics.

0.27 Statistics textbooks we are using

Students taking this course at Brooklyn College are also taking a separate series of bi-weekly lectures, so they arrive in lab after having discussions and digested some readings. At the beginning of each lab I refer to the readings that have been assigned to students, which come from three different textbooks:

  1. Vokey & Allen8, pdf available online
  2. Abdi, Edelman, Dowling, & Valentin9, portions may be downloadable from google scholar, otherwise try to find a printed copy somewhere.
  3. Crump, Navarro, & Suzuki10, https://crumplab.github.io/statistics/, and some the lab manual for R https://crumplab.github.io/statisticsLab/

0.28 Other online textbooks

There are increasing numbers of excellent, free, and online resources for learning statistics and R, here are some:

  1. Danielle Navarro’s Learning Statistics with R and website for learning R R for Psychological Science
  2. Russell Poldracks’s Statistical Thinking for the 21st Century
  3. Martin Speekenbrink’s Statistics: data analysis and modelling, and companion R book An R companion to Statistics: data analysis and modelling
  4. Into python instead? Check out Todd Gureckis’ Lab in Cognition and Perception
  5. Looking for stats videos, check out Erin Buchanan’s STATISTICS OF DOOM! on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdihazndR0f9XBoSXWqnYg

0.29 A longeR list